Colonna Solidale Autogestita (Self-Organised Solidarity Section)

A group of volunteers that practice solidarity and mutual aid in Bologna during the era of Covid-19 global emergency.

What we do

Mutualism during the flooding

Solidarity actions in Emilia-Romagna

After-school activity

After-school activity

Spesa Sospesa (Free food & Grocery supplies)

We collect food, medicines for free distribution to people in need


Mutual aid action in the flooded territories of Emilia-Romagna

As Colonna Solidale Autogestita (Self-Organised Solidarity Section) we are working since Thursday 18 May on the areas hit by the flooding (around the Bologna area and Romagna) together with many volunteers and the Plat to support local populations in these difficult days.

Travel Diary

Story of the first six months